Muniment of Title

When may I use Muniment of Title?

There are three main requirements for probate of the will as muniment of title:

  • The Court must be satisfied that the will is admissible to probate.
  • The Court must be satisfied that there are no unpaid debts except for debts secured by real  estate AND
  • The Court must determine that there is no need for administration of the estate.

What problems are there with Muniment of Title?

The biggest problem that one can encounter with Muniment of Title is that it is mainly misunderstood in other states.  If there is a chance of having to deal with banks or attorneys out of the state of Texas, this process can quickly become more trouble than it’s worth.

What if it has been more than 4 years since the death?

You can still use Muniment of Title, so long as the administrator is not found to have been at fault for the delay.  This may be the most valid reason for probating a will as muniment of title, when applicable.

What is the cost of probating the will as muniment of title?

The Haw Law Firm charges a flat rate of attorney services of $1,500 for this procedure.