Flat Fee Wills and Trusts

If parents knew children would stop speaking due to the stuff they left behind, they would probably burn every last bit of it to the ground … or prepare an estate plan to eliminate disputes.

estate-planning-imageChildren really do stop talking due to disputes over their parents’ possessions.  It’s unacceptable, and the best way you can stop it is by having a properly drafted  estate plan in place.

What is the most precious gift you can leave your children?  A will!

It’s amazing how many siblings and other relatives fight over the stuff that’s left behind.  Sometimes, it can be a precious family heirloom (maybe even without value) that can trigger the battle.  But often it’s just stuff.

Whatever might cause a rift between your relatives, there is one very easy and simple way to stop it from ever happening and that is to draft a will.  In your will, you tell your relatives who gets what and who gets to decide if there is a dispute. If you have concerns that rise to the need of incorporating a trust into your estate plan, you have the power to combine a will and trusts.

Also, a will simplifies taking care of your estate upon your death.  In other words, it will be a lot less expensive and cumbersome for your relatives if you leave a proper will behind.

I have no idea who to leave what, so I just keep avoiding the process altogether.

Nobody said you had to decide who gets what.  You just tell your beneficiaries how it will be decided.  Maybe your Executor will decide.  Maybe you can use a lottery system.  Maybe all your kids can each pick one item at a time.  The possibilities are endless, and with a properly drafted estate plan, you can pick a fair method for your belongings to be divided.

I can go online and draft my own estate plan cheaper.  Why should I pay more for your flat rate estate plan?

The online estate planning programs are generally not tailored to an individual client’s needs and include a disclaimer that they are not providing you any legal advice.  Also, they sometimes lack the specificity that you find in an estate plan drafted by a Texas attorney.  Therefore, although you save money on the drafting of the estate plan, it ends up costing your estate and heirs more money to go through probate.