How does the hybrid traditional-virtual office work with this?

We go to court with you to finalize your divorce, but all prior work is done by telephone, email or video conference.


What happens if my case becomes contested?

We will no longer be able to represent you, because we do not represent contested cases at this time. If you believe there may be a contest in your family law matter, we are not the best law firm to represent you.


How much is the affordable flat fee divorce of an uncontested couple at the Haw Law Firm?

The flat fee divorce for an uncontested couple is for legal services only, and it does not include filing fees, court costs, mileage expenses to and from court, parking fees, etc.  We usually suggest budgeting about $500 for these additional fees.

Without children – $2,000*

With children – $2,500*

*If the value of the separate property and / or marital estate exceeds $750,000, a higher fee will be quoted. For example, a flat fee divorce for high net worth clients is generally be an extra $500 for assets between $750,000-$1,000,000 and $1,000 for assets between $1,000,000-$3,000,000.

Not all couples qualify for the uncontested divorce flat fee. A free 30 minute phone consultation is required to determine whether you qualify for an uncontested flat fee divorce.


What is an uncontested flat fee divorce?

Most divorce cases do not go to trial.  They are settled either by an informal settlement process, mediation or another method.  Technically, all of these cases would be considered an uncontested divorce by the judicial system.

However, The Haw Law Firm offers a special flat fee divorce for what we call “uncontested divorces” that have a much narrower definition.  This flat fee divorce is much, much cheaper than one would incur in a traditional divorce process, which is why only certain couples qualify for the fee.

The uncontested flat fee divorce for the flat fee at The Haw Law Firm require the following:

  • The Haw Law Firm will only represent one person, either the husband or the wife.  The other spouse is welcome to hire an attorney to review the paperwork.
  • The other spouse  must be willing to sign a Waiver of Citation.  This is a document that waives the requirement of formal service of the divorce process.
  • The divorcing couple must be willing and able to work out a property division amongst themselves that is fair and equitable to both parties.  Typically, this fair property division will be a 50/50 split (or close to a 50/50 split) amongst the spouses.
  • If children are involved, the parents must agree that the Standard Possession Order is in the best interest of the child.
  • The parties must agree that child support according to the statutory guidelines is in the best interest of the child, and the obligor, the party paying support, must agree to pay this amount without contest.

These following conditions will disqualify one from qualifying for the low flat rate for uncontested divorce:

  • you or your spouse cannot agree on the property division, custody or child support
  • you cannot locate your spouse
  • you have a child outside the marriage that was born during the marriage
  • you have a child together from before you were married
  • there has been family violence in the household against either spouse
  • one or both parents have a history of child neglect, physical or sexual abuse against a child
  • one or more spouses have an impending bankruptcy; OR
  • the value of the separate property and / or marital estate exceeds $500,000

Finally, a free 30 minute consultation with an attorney is required for her to determine whether you are eligible for the uncontested divorce flat fee.


What is the uncontested divorce process?

During the uncontested divorce process, the following steps occur:

  • There is an initial consultation with an attorney to gather facts and the background of your case and also to answer any questions you may have.  This consultation is limited to 45 minutes.
  • After this consultation, you will be provided an employment contract with The Haw Law Firm that must be filled out prior to officially forming the attorney-client relationship.
  • You will be provided several questionnaires about your marriage, your property and your children to aid the drafting of your documents.
  • The Haw Law Firm will prepare and file the Original Petition for Divorce, The Civil Case Information Sheet and the Health Insurance Availability Form for the children (if required).
  • The Haw Law Firm will prepare and file the Waiver of Citation for your spouse to sign in front of a notary public.
  • The Haw Law Firm will prepare your Final Decree of Divorce for you and your spouse to both sign, based on the visitation, child support and property division that has been agreed to between you and your spouse.
  • There is a court hearing, usually lasting less than 5 minutes, to finalize the case.  A lawyer will accompany you to this hearing.